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Car magazines and publications.

Car Mechanics June and July 1962

Car Mechanics July 1962 Car Mechanics June 1962

Buy a post war car for fifty quid!
Could you drive at 100mph. Check your speed rating!

Practical Motorist Magazines 1955-1957

Practical Motorist Jan. 1955 Practical Motorist Feb. 1955

Practical Motorist Mar. 1955 Practical Motorist April. 1955

Practical Motorist May. 1955 Practical Motorist July. 1955

Practical Motorist Oct. 1955 Practical Motorist Dec. 1955

Practical Motorist Mar. 1957 Practical Motorist April. 1957

Practical Motorist Aug. 1957

The price of this magazine was 1 shilling in 1955 which is 5 pence. Increased to 1 shilling and 3d (6p) in 1957.
The pictures on the front of this magazine are really excellent and typical of the time.

Practical Motorist adverts

Adverts from Practical Motorist Oct. 1955.

Practical Motorist December 1955

Adverts from Practical Motorist Dec. 1955.

Practical Mechanics Magazine April 1953

Practical Mechanics April. 1953

From the same publisher as Practical Motorist above, this is Practical Mechanics. Also the same editor : F.J.CAMM.
A very similar type of attractive front cover but this magazine is about more than just cars.
Indeed the contents are varied and more like a science and technology publication. Subjects covered in the issue -
Building a periscope, building a sand yacht, making an electric guitar, helicopters, telescopes, new steam trains ...

Custom Car Magazine. October 1975

Custom Car Magazine

I purchased this magazine in 1975. My interest in American cars goes back to when I was very young.
The front of the magazine shows the tail fin of a 1959 Cadillac Eldorado. The fins of the 1950
reached their zenith in 1959. Cadillac had the highest fins at 42 inches and Chevrolet had the
widest in the 59 Impala. By 1960 fashions had changed and the fins started to disappear. One
company in 1960, Plymouth did not realise and in 1960 the Plymouth Fury still had high tail
fins. This car was made famous in the film "In the Heat of the Night" Staring Sidney Poitier.
There was a car chase when he was chased by "the bad guys" who were driving a 1960 Fury.

Motor Cycling magazine. March 1961

Motor Cycling magazine.

Excellent cartoon type, typically early 60s picture on the front of this magazine.

Red Book National Used Car Market Report. No. 117. 1939.

Red Book National Used Car Market Report. No. 117. Red Book National Used Car Market Report. No. 117.

Red Book National Used Car Market Report. No. 117.

Red Book National Used Car Market Report. No. 117.

Red Book National Used Car Market Report. No. 117.

These days it seems to be mainly the blue book people use to find used car valuations but some countries
use a red book. This one is from 1929 and so all cars listed are pre-1929. Published in Chicago, USA

Who's Who at the Motor and Equiment Association show. 1929.

Who's Who. Motor and Equiment show. Coliseum, Chicago, Nov.4-9.

This is a show guide for the Motor Association Show at the Coliseum, Chicago, USA from Nov.4-9 1929.
Maybe the modern equivalent would be the SEMA show in Las Vegas?

General Motors builds it's first 50 Million Cars. 1954.

General Motors builds it's first 50 Million Cars.

General Motors builds it's first 50 Million Cars.

General Motors builds it's first 50 Million Cars.

In 2011 GM announced it had built 100 million small block Chevy engines. The most production of any engine in history.

1920. The Model Engineer magazine. July 1920.

Our oldest publication including an advert for the "Gibbons Cyclecar".

The Model Engineer. July 1920.

Below you can see adverts from this magazine and one if for a built it yourself car.

The Model Engineer. August 1920.

The Model Engineer. August 1920.

This advert in this 1920 publication is for a build-it-yourself "Cyclecar" from Gibbons Cyclecar Co. Chadwell Heath,
Essex in the U.K. Gibbons produced 4 wheeled "Cyclecars" from 1917 to 1929. In July 1920 it was the Mk II
as shown in this advert but later there was a Mk III and a Mk IV. The Early cars used a single cylinder
4hp 4-stroke engine. Later cars had twin piston engines. The 2 speed gears drove the rear wheels using
belts. The bodywork was made of plywood. A chain drive replaced belts from 1925.
You could buy a complete kit or just buy a set of plans (Price - 5 shillings - £0.25) and various parts.
Out of the 2000+ Gibbons Cyclecars built it is believed 1 survives today.
A number of manufacturers sold "Cyclecars" kits at this time. they were popular from 1910 to 1925 and
this was because cars, which were hand-built at this time, were very expensive. This was a low cost
way of owning a car. When cars were mass produced in the mid to late 20s and were therefore much
cheaper, this resulted in the end for the build-it-yourself "Cyclecar" kit.

See the August 1920 issue of "The Model Engineer" magazine here.

We have a number of old Car magazines in storage.
These include,
"Motor" magazines from the 1960s and 1970s.
An original mint advertising brochure of the sinclair C5
Old American Car magazines from the 1980s.
Many pictures and notes from the magazines will be put onto this page later in the year.

We have a large stock of old "Practical Electronics" magazines in storage.
These are from the 1960s and 1970s.
These include "Practical Electronics", Maplin data sheets, TV mags from the 40s and 50s. Car magazines
from the 50s and 60s. Many pictures and notes from the magazines will be added to this page soon.

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