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Vintage consumer electronics. Site links.
These links are all interesting sources of information. They cover reel to reel video,
the first VCRs, vintage televisions and radios, computer, phones and much more. We have included
only the sites that we have found interesting. Many have helped us with our research.
Please note that we do not exchange links with sites that are not about historic consumer electronics.

Good sites for information and history -

THE reel to reel video and camera site
The site is THE reference site
on reel to reel video recorders. It also very includes comprehensive information on
old video cameras as well. You will also find manuals that can be downloaded free of charge.

Early video, Hi Fi, telephones and instrumentation
The site is a small but interesting
site for early video, Hi Fi, telephones and instrumentation. Definitely worth a visit.

Reel to reel video, VCRs, cameras, old TVs. Good collection
The site is great reference site
for reel to reel video, early VCRs, cameras and early televisions. It is a very nice on-line museum.

Reel to reel video, VCRs, cameras, information. is an excellent on-line museum site
for reel to reel video, early VCRs, cameras and other interesting early systems.
A very good site with good navigation.

THE site on old TVs, radios, and documents is a fantastic detailed site
about vintage televisions, radios, instruments and documentation.

Vintage Audio Valves from the 1960's have quality brands of tested Vintage Audio Valves Telefunken, Mullard,
Brimar etc. We can advise you on the type of valves to suit your requirements and
send these out to you anywhere in the world

Useful resource for video equipment & vintage cameras.
The site is a useful
resource for information on vintage video equipment and vintage cameras.

Betamax usergroup site.
The site is -
"The Definitive Betamax Web Resource".

Detailed site on Betamax equipment and history.
The site is a detailed
history of Sony Betamax from 1975 to 1993

Useful resource for reel to reel video & old TVs.
The and are both useful
sources of information on vintage video recorders and old TVs.

A page full of old VCR, camera & other equipment for sale.
The site is a useful
source of vintage equipment.

Detailed site on many types of vintage video recorders
The site is quite a comprehensive site for
information on vintage video recorders. The site is in French and English. Lots of great pictures.

Detailed site on many types of vintage video recorders
The site is an interesting collection
of vintage video recorders, however much of it is in Dutch. Lots of great pictures.

Vintage TV cameras and broadcast equipment museum is an excellent site in the USA. See picture below of
Chuck Pharis from his site. Also shown is a 1954 camera. One of many in his collection.

The museum on tour

Detailed site on many types of consumer electronics.
The site is an large resource
of information on a wide range of consumer electronics.

Vintage video recorders. Mostly reel to reel.
The site is a useful
resource for information on vintage video recorders.

The Institute Of Videography. is the IOV site. A professional organizations in the UK
for videographers. It is at the IOV annual show that our museum has a stand.

Vintage Laservision Players.
The site is a useful
resource for information on vintage laser players.

Useful Search Engines.

An excellent very comprehensive search engine. Find everything.
Probably the biggest search engine in the world.

One of the best all round search engines

Another comprehensive search engine.

An excellent engine for the UK

An excellent all round engine.

Alta Vista.
An excellent engine for the UK




The museum on tour

Making a donation.

The Rewind Museum is a non-profit making endeavor. The web site and the touring exhibitions are run on
a voluntary basis. Donations, not money, just old items you no longer want, are always welcome.
If you have something that you think would be of interest, please contact us with the details.
We can send in a courier to pick them up. (Even an international courier). Thank you.

Also see

The 1952 Chevy truck

The 1952 Chevy truck web site.

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