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Ampex reel to reel video.
1963. 1st ever domestic reel to reel video recorder
1st Attempts at making a domestic video recording system.
The very first attempt was by Ampex using a 2-inch reel to reel tape recorder in 1963

1st ever domestic video tape recorder

The Ampex Signature V 1963 The first domestic video recorder.
In 1963 this unit was offered in the Neiman-Marcus catalog for $30,000 It was nine feet long
and weighed 900 pounds. The video portion of the system included the Black & White
reel-to-reel video recorder with TV tuner and automatic timer as well as a home television camera.
The cabinet also housed a complete audio system including an AM/FM tuner, stereo amplifier, record
player, reel-to-reel audio recorder, and stereo loudspeakers. A colour TV was viewable from the
front of the console, while all other components were accessed from the top. The $30,000 price
tag included a personalized plaque and installation by an Ampex service engineer.

1965 The Ampex CC-452 TV camera.

Ampex 1 inch domestic recorder. 1966 Ampex CC-452

Ampex 1 inch domestic recorder. 1966 Ampex 1 inch domestic recorder. 1966

Ampex 1 inch domestic recorder. 1966

This camera is probably a couple of years after the camera shown in the Signature V system above
but it is a similar size and shape with a similar lens.
This Ampex studio camera would have been used with the Ampex 1-inch video recorder below.

1965. The Ampex VR 5003 VTR

We believe this to be the first Ampex 1-inch tape video recorder.

The Ampex VR 5003. The Ampex VR 5003.

Profession 1-inch reel to reel video tape recorder (VTR).
The VR 5003 was the international version of the Ampex 5000 (US version).
Ampex was founded in 1944 and incorporated in Califirnia in 1946. In 1947 they introduced their
first audio tape recorder - the model 200A. In 1956 they introduce their first (reel to reel) video
tape recorder - the VR 1000. This was a quadruplex VTR. It was the first production VTR ever sold
(as opposed to earlier prototypes). It was a large floor standing unit on wheels and cost $50,000
The VR 5003 (& 5000) here from 1965 was called a "portable VTR!"
One person could carry it with a little effort. Build quality was very high.
Ampex are still in business today.

1966/67. Ampex: VR-6275 domestic VTR

Ampex 1 inch domestic recorder. 1966

This product appeared in the Burstein-Applebee 1967 Annual Catalog. The VR-6275's list price was $1495.00
It had a built in a television receiver, audio amplifier and speaker. Weight 100 pounds. This picture
comes with the permission of "Lab Guy" at
This is the definitive site for information on reel to reel video recorders and cameras. More information
on the Ampex: VR-6275 can also be found there.

Ampex manual

Ampex manual. 1966

Owners manual for an Ampex 7000/7003 1-inch reel to reel recorder from 1966

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