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Vintage audio cassette recorders.

Amstrad Model 7000 stereo cassette deck. 1974

Amstrad Model 7000 stereo cassette deck Amstrad Model 7000 stereo cassette deck

Amstrad Model 7000 stereo cassette deck Amstrad Model 7000 stereo cassette deck

Amstrad marketed the 6000 and 7000 stereo cassette decks in 1974, They sold well through
the new chain of Comet stores. I bought this cassette deck brand new from Comet in either 1974 or 1975.
It was used in a house we owned from 1774 until the beginning of 1976 and so the purchase date can
be pinned down to 74 or 75. The quality, as with many Amstrad products was, to be kind, average
but it was also cheap and looked good. Can't remember how much it cost .... One recollection
was possibly £24 and the other was possibly £42 ?? If anyone knows the purchase price in
1974, please send an e-mail. Wonder whether either of these memories are accurate....?

Update Feb. 2011
Three emails about this unit and it's price.

"Amstrad 7000 - I bought mine at B B Adams shop in Norwich in 1975 for £35."
"I bought my one new from Lasky's in 1976 for £56.25 (I worked all my summer holidays to save up for it!).
There was also a model 6000 which was cheaper as it had no Dolby system. I still have my 7000, but I
haven't used it for many years."
"Iíve just seen your page about the vintage Amstrad cassette decks. I bought the 6000, (non-Dolby) model
in í74 for £42 Ė I remember being a bit annoyed that the 7000 Dolby version came out pretty soon after for
only another £8 at £50. As you say, performance was only average, but HFN did a good review of the 6000
and found it mostly OK apart from pretty high levels of intermodulation distortion. Iíve actually had some
records cut from old recordings on the 6000, so it canít have been so badÖÖ

Looks like my memory of £42.00 was the accurate option.

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